WSO officers and directors
Celebrating 60 Years

Officers - Directors - Staff

Music Director and Conductor
Stephen Heyde

Executive Director
Carolyn Kannwischer Bess

Marketing Director
Michael Bracken

Office Manager
Darlene Spence

Personnel Manager
Mark Whitney


Ann Harder, President
Rex Davis, President-Elect
Lisa Lacy, Vice-President, Artistic Advisory
Jon Gimble, Vice-President, Audience Development & Social Media
Joe Calao, Vice-President, Nominating
Heyward Green, Vice-President, Strategic Planning
Jerry Powell, Vice-President, Foundation
Nancy Livingston, Vice-President, Finance
Carol Sedberry, Vice-President, Education
Donald Lewis, Co-Vice-President, Sponsorship
Dianne Sawyer, Co-Vice-President, Sponsorship
Alice Starr, Vice-President, Special Projects
Edith Reitmeier, Vice-President, Special Projects
Sarah Aynesworth, Co-Vice-President, Hospitality
Candy Swenke, Co-Vice-President, Hospitality
Alec Burriss, Vice-President, Concerto Circle
Debra Burleson, Secretary
Suzanne Alexander, Council President

Executive Committee

The officers and the following:
Dave Innis Mike Raymond

Board of Directors

The Executive Committee and the following:
Liz Arend
Jeffrey Armstrong
Sally Bledsoe
Traci Brennan
Kathleen Brown
Gary Coley
Stephen H. Corwin
Phillip Crawford
Rhett Dawson
Rhonda Erwin
Liz Fraley
Glenn Hanna
Harry Harelik
Dan Ingham
Rodney Kroll
Laura Lalani
William Lechner
Joaquin Lugo
Tom Lupfer
Sandy McCormack
Johnette McKown
Lorie O’Neill
Sara Richie
Randy Riggs
Tyrha Lindsey-Warren

Advisory Directors

Stephen Heyde, Music Director
Carolyn Kannwischer Bess, Executive Director
Elizabeth Barnhill, President-Elect, Council
Stephanie Cooney, Past-President, Council
Heyward Green, Waco Symphony Foundation President
Gary Mortenson, Dean, Baylor School of Music